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This package is for juniors who need full services  including a jump start in the summer before junior year on SAT tutoring, coursework and summer programs advising in the Fall of junior year followed by the preparation of preliminary college lists in Spring of junior year. 

For a free 1 hour consultation about the junior jam-pack service, please contact us

SAT/PSAT Summer Tutoring 

We suggest SAT Tutoring in the summer before junior year to help juniors prepare for two exams in one go - the PSAT NMSQT (National Merit scholarship exam) in October and the SAT in September/October/December.


College Match Workshop (Spring of Junior Year)

The College Match workshop will be conducted during the spring of Junior year to help students research different careers and majors and prepare a college list that is a match based on the student's academic, financial, location, social and major requirements.


Personality Assessment Test

We provide personality assessment tests that help the student understand his/her personality and this can help to show what careers may be good for the personality type of the student. 


Course work and Activities

We work with juniors to review their coursework to provide feedback and suggestions for courses in junior year and senior year.  We also suggest activities that match the student's interest that can be done both during the school year or during the next summer.  

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