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Freshman Foresight Package

This package is for freshman in high school who need advising on course selection and extra curricular activity choices. We also provide personality assessment tests and counseling to assist freshman to transition to high school coursework.

For a free 1 hour consultation about the freshman foresight package, please contact us

Coursework Advising

We help high school students prepare a preliminary course plan that highlights the key courses that the student can take during the four years.  By planning the coursework for 4 years, the freshman student can understand and choose the right pre-requisite courses in Grade 9. 


Activities Review

We work with the student to understand the interests of the student and suggest possible extracurricular activities that the freshman can try out to see if he/she likes the activity. 


Personality Assessment Test

We provide personality assessment tests that help the student understand his/her personality and this can help to show what careers may be good for the personality type of the student. 


SAT Tutoring

Freshman year is a great time to start reviewing and practicing SAT Math and English.  We provide a few hours of tutoring in Grade 9 to help the student prepare for PSAT/SAT and review their progress on Khan Academy.

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