Customized College Admissions Consulting

At the Extra Mile College Admissions, we go the extra mile to provide personalized consulting services based on your specific needs.  We work with US and international students interested in both undergraduate and graduate study interested in studying in USA.     

Services offered : 

Freshmen Foresight Package - 5 hours + 5 hours SAT

This package is intended for freshmen in high school who want to get a head start in college admissions planning.  This package includes high school course advising, personality testing and suggestions for extracurricular activities based on student's interests. 

Sophomore Suggestions - 10 hours advising + 10 hours SAT
This package is specifically designed for sophomores who need help to plan out their activities for college admissions such as preparing for testing and selecting the best high school courses based on their interests.  The Extra Mile also provides suggestions for summer courses and extracurricular activities to enhance the student's activity list. 

Test Prep Tutoring20 hours SAT Prep

The test prep class is a group class conducted in the summer or early fall for four weeks to help high school students prepare for the SAT/ACT  tests.  This tutoring includes 5 sessions of 2 hours and the review of 5 practice tests with students. 

Juniors Jampack - 10 hours advising + 20 hours SAT

This is a group workshop conducted in the summer or fall for juniors to identify their interests and prepare college lists based on the student profile and fit.  Students will leave the workshop with a list of colleges that fit their interests and profile. 

Seniors Sprint  - 20 hours 

This includes preparation of a college list followed by a college application group workshop to guide them on how to fill out the college application including all sections like Education, Questions, Activities and other sections.  We also includes a section on finances to pay for college, and other interesting topics like recommendations. Students are given a checklist to follow to ensure that no items are missed or forgotten through the process. It includes 2 personal one on one sessions with the counselor to review the final college application.  The college essay workshop is run in the summer and in early fall.  The sessions include brainstorming topics and writing tips on using storytelling, organizational structure, rhetorical devices, humor and the five senses to enhance essays.  It also includes a session on how to answer supplemental questions through research and personal stories. This workshop also includes 4 personal one on one sessions with the counselor to review the personal statement and other college questions. Join us for the workshop starting on Saturday Sept 25, 2021 by registering here! 

Extra Sessions -  

Any additional personal sessions are possible for an hourly consultation.