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About Us

Lesiley Mathew is the founder of The Extra Mile College Admissions LLC, a company that provides personalized college admissions consulting services to students interested in undergraduate and graduate study in USA.  Lesiley has a certificate in college counseling from University of California, Los Angeles and graduated from the program with distinction. She is also currently a provisional member of Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) and an associate member of Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA).  

My Story

I started out as a parent of a gifted child.  That's when my interest in college counseling was aroused and I did my UCLA certificate in college counseling.  After my graduation, I have been working extensively with students to provide college admissions counseling services and my vision is to help provide affordable honest college admissions counseling to all students.  I have worked with students to provide personality assessments, high school course advising, SAT tutoring, preparation of college lists, college essay guidance and college application reviews. 

I already have a bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering and a double master's in information systems and Computer Science and over 16 years of experience in the field of Computer Science. I work closely with students interested in STEM and my STEM background helps me provide valuable guidance for students applying to STEM majors.   

For students in freshman and sophomore year, I provide guidance on high school course selection and based on their interests, provide suggestions for special programs to further their interest or enhance their extracurricular activities.  

I work with juniors to identify their interests through personality assessment tests and also prepare a comprehensive list of colleges that match the student's profile and interests.   I usually conduct group workshops for college match - to find colleges that are a perfect fit for the student. 

 I work with seniors in the fall to provide guidance with both the college application and college essay.  I am also a public speaking champion with multiple winning speeches under my belt for international and humorous speech contests. In the past, I have worked extensively with teenagers interested in public speaking through gavel clubs within the Toastmasters organization and I have mentored many students to write winning speeches.   Now I conduct group essay workshops to guide students on how to select topics for essays and use writing strategies like storytelling and rhetorical devices to enhance their essays.  I also provide SAT tutoring for students as needed. 

If you are looking for a STEM college consultant to guide your child through all aspects of the college admissions, then please contact us at to book a free 1-hour consultation.  



If you're looking for a counselor to guide your child through college admissions, then let's connect.


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