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College Acceptances

Here are some of the majors and colleges to which our students were accepted. 

Aerospace Engineering


Biological Sciences
Biomedical Sciences - BS and BS-MD
Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Computer Science/ Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Materials Engineering

Mechanical Engineering 
Medical Laboratory Science

Colleges by Alphabetical Order

Arizona State University - Tempe, Arizona

Auburn University - Alabama

Baylor University - Waco, Texas

Case Western Reserve University - Cleveland, Ohio

Drexel University - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Duke University, North Carolina

Florida Institute of Technology - Melbourne, Florida

George Mason University - Virginia

Georgia Institute of Technology - Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia State University - Atlanta, Georgia

Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago, Illinois

Iowa State University - Ames, Iowa

Kennesaw University - Atlanta, Georgia

Loyola University - Chicago, Illinois

New Jersey Institute of Technology - Newark, New Jersey

North Carolina State University - Raleigh, North Carolina

Ohio University - Ohio

Penn State University - University Park, Pennsylvania

Purdue University - West Lafayette, Indiana
Stanford University, California

Texas A&M University - College Station, Texas

The Cooper Union School - New York

Tuskegee University - Tuskegee, Alabama

University of Arizona - Tucson, Arizona

University of Buffalo - Buffalo, New York
University of California, Berkeley

University of Central Florida - Orlando, Florida
University of Florida, Gainsville
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

University of Iowa - Iowa City, Iowa
University of Maryland, College Park - Maryland

University of Miami - Miami-Dade County, Florida

University of Missouri - Columbia, Missouri

University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

University of South Carolina - Columbia, South Carolina

University of South Florida, Tampa - Florida

University of Texas, Austin - Austin, Texas

University of Texas, Dallas - Dallas, Texas

University of Wisconsin, Madison - Wisconsin

University of Washington - Seattle, USA

Washington University, St Louis - Missouri

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