This package is for seniors who need three main services - College Quick Match to create a balanced list of colleges followed by advising on college applications and college essays review.  This is our most popular package to help seniors.  We also provide additional SAT tutoring if needed.   

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College Match / List (Summer before Senior year)

We work with seniors to review their high school transcripts, test scores and extracurriculars as well as major interests.  We use this information to review the student's college list and suggest a balanced list of colleges that includes at least 4 target schools, 3 safety schools in addition to reach schools. 


College Application Workshop (Fall of Senior year)

We review college applications and guide students through all aspects of the application including using the appropriate college application based on the list of colleges, providing tips on how to fill sections such as education, activities, honors/awards, recommendations and writing questions. 


College Essay Workshop

We work with students to guide them through the college essay writing process by discussing past essays that were successful followed by brainstorming exercises to select topics and write multiple drafts for both the personal statement and supplemental essays. We teach students to use the story-telling technique to write a superb story that captures the interest of the audience. We provide tips on how to use word magic to polish essays with rhetorical devices, humor and other writing devices. 


SAT Tutoring (Provided as an additional service)

We provide SAT tutoring to help students understand concepts and closely follow their progress through full practice tests.  We help students understand their weaknesses and work towards mastery of topics that the student is unfamiliar with. We also provide tips on how to work through each of the sections, including calculator tips for the Math Calculator section.