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Terms & Conditions


This Client Services Agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into as of the date of booking the appointment, among Texas Extra Mile Education Consulting, LLC, a Texas limited liability company (“Extra Mile”), Lesiley Mathew, the member and owner of Extra Mile who will serve as the primary consultant (the “Consultant”), the student client (the “Student”), and the Student’s parents (the “Parents”) who are booking this appointment.


•    Consultant offers college admissions services on a package basis, as group workshops and as an hourly basis as described under “Consulting Services”
•    Parents may elect to engage Consultant to provide to Student Services and/or Packages/ Workshops/Hourly Services from time to time (collectively, the “Services”)
•    Parents shall pay a total fee for Services engaged (the “Fees”) based on the prices and payment schedule set out in Consulting Services.  
•    Unless other payment arrangements are made in advance of any meeting, Extra Mile shall be paid 24 hours in advance before Services are rendered and may be paid via Zelle to 346-620-9727 
•    No refund of Fees will be given for completed Packages, Workshops and Hourly Services. No refund of Fees will be given for the Packages or Workshops once the Student commences participation in a Package or Workshop. If requested, the Consultant may refund Fees for any unused Hourly Services if the Parents or Student cancels the meeting 24 hours in advance of the meeting. 
•    Extra Mile does not charge fees related to completion of the FAFSA and specifically notes that the FAFSA can be completed without professional assistance. 

The Consultant shall provide college admissions consulting services to the Student through online one-on-one sessions as a Package or Group Workshop or Hourly Basis as described below:

Service 1: Hourly Services
Description: The Consultant is available on an hourly basis as required for any of the following services:
Hourly Services can include the following: 
•    College Admissions process review
•    High School course review
•    Student’s transcript review
•    Assessment of Student’s college and career aspirations
•    Reviewing College Resume
•    Test prep services guidance
•    Specialized Essay critiques for additional essays
•    Interview preparation and practice
•    Decision Day guidance
•    Advice on steps to follow after acceptance
•    International Visa requirements and I-20 process
•    Detailed College Application Review
Deliverable from Consultant: Brief summary of points discussed and suggestions made by the Consultant


Service 2: Student Profile Advising Package
Description: The Consultant will provide recommendations for the Student in terms of course schedule and extra-curricular activities based on Student’s interests and abilities. Recommendations including a list of extra-curricular programs and academic courses to enhance Student’s profile will be provided by the Consultant to maximize Student’s college admissions and affordability goals
Estimated Hours: 3.5 hours - 1 hour with Student/Parent to review Student’s information, 1.5 hour to review Student’s information, prepare a list of activities and courses with links for the Student to pursue and 1 hour to meet with Student/ Parents to provide suggestions on course activities and extracurriculars.  
Expectations from Student/Parents: Student’s responses to questionnaires
Student/Parents to provide the following documents to Consultant for review before the first meeting:
- Students mark list / transcript for Grade 9, 10 and 11
- Student’s subjects for Grade 12
- List of student’s extracurricular activities including awards/achievements
- Student’s major of interest and work done towards major of interest
Deliverable from Consultant: Two 1-hour Meetings with the student, a list of recommended courses, a list of suggested extra-curricular activities/summer programs and options. 


Service 3: College List Preparation Package
Description: The Consultant will provide questionnaires to both the Student and the Parents to fill out to understand the expectations for major, location, financial fit, social fit and other criteria.  The Student/Parents will also submit any additional input required to evaluate the student’s abilities.  Once the Student and Parents completes the questionnaire and provides all of the required input to the Consultant, the Consultant will evaluate the requirements and provide the Student/Parents with a list of colleges in the US that are the best match possible to the Student and Parent.   
Estimated Hours Typically, 3-4 hours of work
- 30-min meeting with Student/Parents to review requirements
- 1.5 hours to review student’s information and prepare list of 20 colleges and possible majors
- 1 hour to meet with Student/Parents to provide college list and provide feedback 
- 1 additional hour for Student/Parents to review colleges, do research and then discuss their feedback for list of colleges in case further modification is required or Student/Parents would like to add more colleges to the list.
Expectations from Student/Parents: Student’s responses and Parent’s response to Questionnaires provided by the Consultant.
Student/Parents to provide the following documents to Consultant for review before the first meeting:
- Students transcript(International Student marklist) for Grades 9, 10 and 11
- Student’s subjects for Grade 12
- List of student’s extracurricular activities including awards/achievements
- Student’s major of interest and work done towards major of interest
- Parents expected financial budget for college tuition/housing per year 
  - Any specific locations/colleges that are of interest to the student/parent
Deliverable from Consultant: 
List of 20 colleges and possible majors 
3 Meetings: 30-min meeting to review Student/Parents expectations and requirements, 1 hour meeting to review the suggested list of colleges and 1 additional hour after the Student and Parents have researched the suggested colleges for any further modification or feedback. 


Service 4: Group/Single College Essay Writing Workshop
Description: Group/Single essay workshop will be setup as a 3-day workshop totaling 11 hours to help the Student write 3 to 4 essays including personal statement, “Why this major” essay, service/leadership essay, diversity and hobby essay.  At the end of each day, the Student will submit all the writing work through Google Docs to the Consultant for review and feedback. 
Group/Single Essay Workshop Schedule: 
Pre-Workshop Reading & Writing through GoogleDocs (One week before essay workshop)
Pre-Workshop Personal Session: 1 hour (Brainstorming)
Day 1 Meeting Session: 3 hours (Personal Statement)
Day 2 Meeting Session: 3 hours (Why This Major & Why This College, Service/Leadership)
Day 3 Meeting Session: 3 hours (Diversity & Hobby)
Post Workshop Personal Session: 1 hour (Review final essays for last comments)
Group workshop that includes four group sessions totaling 14 hours at the end to review student’s college application.
Expectations from Student/Parent:
- Pre-Workshop Homework: Student to read through sample essays and provide feedback on what he/she liked or did not like about the essay and Student to answer some questions in form provided by Consultant
- Student’s attendance for personal sessions.
- Student’s active participation in workshop
- Student to research college application questions for each college and prepare a Google Doc document with list of questions
- Student to submit writing document at the end of each workshop day with answers to all prompts covered in the Workshop that day for the consultant to review and provide feedback.
Deliverable from Consultant: 
1. To provide sample essays for Student to read before the workshop begins and provide questions in form for Student to answer. 
2. Conduct group workshops for 4 days.
3. Provide comments in Google Doc for Student’s essay work from Day 1, 2, 3 and 4. 
Service 5: Group College Application Workshop
Description: Group workshop that includes 2 group sessions of 2 hours each totaling 4 hours where the Consultant will explain how the Student should fill out the application.  After the Student fills out at least one full college application, the Student can schedule a single one on one 1 hour session for the Consultant to review the final application before submission. 
Expectations from Parent/Student: 
Parent/Student to gather the following documents before the workshop to be used during the application workshop
- Students mark list / transcript for Grade 9, 10 and 11 to be provided
- Student’s subjects for Grade 12
- List of student’s extracurricular activities including awards/achievements (10 maximum allowed)
- Summary of Student’s work done towards major of interest
- Student’s essays
- Student’s completion of required exams and scores (SAT/ACT/TOEFL/IELTS)
- Student to complete all sections of at least one college’s application in Common App and add Consultant to application for pre-review before scheduling personal one on one meeting with the Consultant to review application.
Deliverable from Consultant: 
1. Student Checklist to complete tasks for college application
2. Conduct group workshops for 2 days of 2 hours each totaling 4 hours
3. Review of application in a personal one on one session


•    Students should plan to be engaged and interactive in the online sessions including group workshops (cameras should be turned on so that all participating students can see and interact with each other). Use of a desktop or laptop computer is preferable as participating students will often be asked to share their screen or do actual real-time work or notes. 
•    In the event of a missed Group Workshop due to illness or travel, each Workshop notes will be made available to the Student.
•    If Student requires or desires additional assistance with college essays beyond the allotted hour included in the Workshops, Parents may engage Consultant to provide Hourly Services to Student for this purpose.  


The Consultant will provide the Student with proprietary information, counseling, and other tools to help the Student create and implement a college admissions strategy based on the Services and will also maintain the confidentiality of all information shared by the Student and the Parents outside of the members of Extra Mile, unless given written authorization to confer with related professionals such as Student’s high school counselor or other professionals. 

The Consultant’s duties do not include the following: 
•    Completing Student’s applications or writing Student’s college essays
•    Writing recommendation letters or requesting recommendation letters from Student’s teachers, coaches, or counselors
•    Setting up college visits
•    Tracking down the Student to attend workshops or personal coaching sessions

In the case of divorced or separated Parents, the Parents agree that the Consultant may share any Student information with both Parents, regardless of which Parent is paying for the Services. 



The Consultant will provide the Services to the best of her ability and in accordance with professional industry standards. Extra Mile and the Consultant disclaim all express and implied warranties and make the following additional and specific disclaimers:

•    The Student and Parents acknowledge that many factors that will affect Student’s admissions outcomes are outside Consultant’s control, including, without limitation, Student’s GPA, test scores, extracurricular activities, portfolio, employment, disciplinary record, performance in interviews and/or auditions, and learning differences. 
•    Neither Extra Mile nor the Consultant guarantees admission to any particular university or program or satisfaction with Student’s admissions outcomes 
•    Consultant is not responsible for missed deadlines or incomplete applications. The Consultant is also not responsible for her inability to fully complete the Services if the delay or omissions results from Student and/or Parents failing to timely provide documents, information, updates or responses to Consultant’s questions or requests.
•    Neither Extra Mile nor the Consultant is responsible for post-deadline regrets, last minute revisions to the College List, or incomplete or substandard applications submitted by Student and/or Parents without Consultant’s input
•    Consultant may identify possible sources of financial and merit aid, but neither Extra Mile nor the Consultant guarantees an award of any specific amount from any institution or source
•    Consultant will offer brainstorming and editorial tips in the Workshops and in the essay-focused personal coaching session(s), but Student is responsible for writing all essays, including supplemental essays, short answers, etc. 
•    Consultant will not exert any influence with any college admissions office or staff on behalf of Student.
•    Consultant will not solicit or accept any compensation from any institution or its employees in connection with Student’s admission or award of financial aid.
•    Consultant will provide educational and financial consulting recommendations on a best-efforts basis, based on her analysis of Student’s abilities, interests, and needs and the family’s financial resources, all as communicated to the Consultant by the Student and Parents. Her recommendations are limited by the accuracy and completeness of information provided by Student and Parents or by Student’s school or third-party test providers.



Student and/or Parents will do the following:

•    Supply Consultant with all requested and relevant background academic and related information (including Parents and student intake questionnaires, transcripts, test scores, and high school profile) and information relating to Student’s learning style and other factors relevant to Student’s educational goals and college choice.
•    Research colleges of interest and colleges suggested by the Consultant by attending the virtual college tours and reviewing college websites for further information regarding major, activities and any other aspect that is important to the Student. This should be completed by the Student. 
•    For college list preparation, Student and/or Parents agree to include at least 3 colleges approved by the Consultant that meet the Consultant’s general recommendations for balance among likely, target, and reach schools.
•    Provide accurate and honest information relating to Student’s emotional, social, medical, and academic records and relating to the Parents’ ability/willingness to pay for college and overall affordability goals and budget.
•    Put forth full effort and best work in Workshops and/or any other sessions with the Consultant.
•    Show up on time and be ready to work in Workshops and any sessions with Consultant.
•    Maintain consistent communication with Consultant (including timely response to emails or texts from Consultant).
•    Maintain consistent communication with high school counselor(s)
•    Be open to exploring colleges the Student or Parents had not previously considered.
•    Submit only Student’s own work product. Student understands that plagiarism may result in Consultant terminating this Agreement.
•    Student affirms that all writing included in college applications shall be his or her own work.
•    Student shall not seek or accept assistance with essays or short answer responses from any teacher, family member, or friend without Consultant’s authorization. Having multiple reviewers is rarely helpful and can erase or muffle the Student’s voice in the essays. 
•    Parents shall refrain from participating in the completion of any application the Student submits and shall not write any part of the Student’s college application essays or short answers.
•    Refrain from sharing Extra Mile’s proprietary and/or copyrighted materials (videos, resources in the resource library, handouts, newsletters, emails) without Consultant’s authorization
•    Adhere to all the strict and time-sensitive deadlines for college, financial aid, and scholarship applications, including requesting letters of recommendation, transcripts, and test scores from Student’s high school or third parties and submitting additional documents requested by colleges
•    Monitoring regularly and promptly responding to all communications (emails, portal notes) from colleges and from Consultant
•    Communicate any changes in information included in Student applications directly to the colleges (including changes in courses, disciplinary issues, etc.)
•    Promptly notify Consultant when Student makes a decision to accept or decline offers of admission or financial aid/scholarships



During the term of this Agreement and for three (3) years thereafter, each party shall keep confidential and not use for any purpose or disclose to a third party any information provided to it by the other party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Consultant may share Student essays with other members of or employees or contractors engaged by Extra Mile, third party editors, or proofreaders in her discretion.

Parents understand that due to the interactive format of Extra Mile’s Workshops, not all information that the Parents may believe is personal to the Student or Parents may remain confidential. Parents acknowledge and agree that Consultant cannot control the information the Student may affirmatively or inadvertently divulge or share during the Workshops and further agree that they shall not seek to hold Consultant responsible or liable (whether through claims for monetary damages or otherwise and under whatever legal theory) in connection with Student’s verbal or written disclosures of information relating to the Student or the Parents during the Workshops or otherwise. 

Student and Parent(s) acknowledge and agree that Extra Mile owns valuable and proprietary information, including but not limited to, materials marked or designated as copyrighted to Extra Mile. In addition, Extra Mile considers the content of its Workshops, classes, videos, materials, and processes and methodology to also be proprietary and confidential. The parties agree that Extra Mile would suffer irreparable damage if its confidential information or intellectual property is disclosed or distributed without its permission and that Extra Mile would accordingly be entitled to injunctive or other equitable relief, as well as actual damages. 



Parents and Student (if Student has legal capacity) agree that they will not seek to hold Extra Mile or Consultant liable for denied admissions at any educational institution or financial aid or merit scholarship awards that fall short of Parents and/or Student expectations (including, without limitation, the award of no financial assistance or scholarships from institutions at which the Student is granted admission). In no event will Extra Mile or Consultant be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages or for any direct damages that exceed the amount of Fees paid to Extra Mile under this Agreement. 



This Agreement shall expire on June 1st following the Student’s final/senior year of high school. Either party may terminate this Agreement with 30 days’ written notice to the other party; provided, however, that no Fees will be refunded for Packages/Workshops once the meeting link to the Workshop or first meeting has been sent to the Student for the Package/Workshop, which is usually 24 hours before the first meeting. 

If Consultant believes she is unable to perform the Services commensurate with applicable standards of professionalism and care due to illness or disability suffered by the Consultant or one of Consultant’s family members has suffered a medical emergency that will not allow the Consultant to complete her duties under this Agreement to her satisfaction, Consultant shall verbally discuss her concerns with the Student and Parents and within thirty (30) days shall communicate in writing a plan to transition the Student and Parents to another recommended independent college counselor.

This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. Any disputes hereunder shall be settled by first entering into good faith negotiation. If the parties are unable to resolve a dispute through negotiation, the parties shall enter into mediation (with each party bearing his or her own costs). In the event of any mediation or litigation under this Agreement, the non-prevailing party shall reimburse the prevailing party for all reasonable attorneys’ and/or mediator fees and costs. Any controversy or claim arising out of this Agreement and not settled by good-faith negotiation or mediation between the parties shall be exclusively brought in the courts of Fort Bend County, Texas. This Agreement represents the entire agreement of the parties and supersedes all prior oral or written agreements or previous understandings or negotiations, verbal and written, pertaining to Services provided by Consultant to Student and Parent(s). This Agreement may only be amended or modified by a written instrument signed by Extra Mile via Consultant, the Student, and the Parents.

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